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Iona McCormack
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Do you have specialist training in dermatoscopy and mole scanning?
Are you a dermatologist on the specialist registrar for consultants wanting some additional work?


Dr Olga Kerr Consultant Dermatologist, Dermatological Surgeon, Skin Cancer Surgeon, Mohs Surgeon the founding member of Claro Skin Clinic & Claro Screening Clinic has worked tirelessly to ensure that patients with suspected skin cancer obtain the highest quality of care.

She has had extensive general dermatological training but also has had extra experience having been fortunate to pursue additional training in the diagnosis and management of skin cancer. These types
of training opportunities in the UK are extremely competitive and only offered to a small number of select individuals per year. She has had experience of working throughout the UK and her extensive training ensures that patients can expect the highest quality of care.

She is passionate that her team members share her vision for quality and excellence in skin cancer diagnosis and management.

Her business approach is entirely unique and is one of the only private mole scanning ventures in the UK with direct rather than internet or remote access to individuals who have had specialised training in the diagnosis and management of skin cancer.

This ensures that images are analysed with the added benefit of the trained individuals having direct access to the patient to enable direct comparison of their moles and the ability to take a complete dermatological history in person.

As all members of the team also work in the NHS and are core members of the multidisciplinary skin cancer team this ensures seamless care for patients if a skin cancer is diagnosed.

As she is also a fully trained general dermatologist she is keen to also offer advice and treatment for those with all types of general dermatological problems. With the current NHS waiting lists often patients with general dermatological conditions can have longer waits due to the increase in referrals for suspect skin cancer.

She prides herself in being able to offer a comprehensive service for any patient with a skin problem.

She is originally from Northern Ireland and trained at Queens University Belfast and feels passionate in ensuring that patients in Ireland have the best quality of dermatological care comparable with any
region in the UK.